Eagle Automotive is now offering extended warranties! We are proud to offer Preferred Warranties Extended Warranty. Extend the coverage of your vehicle by investing in an Extended Warranty Policy. We have many options of coverage to fit your vehicle needs and financial budgets.

We offer the following Plans:

  • Powertrain - The engine & transmission are like the heart and spine of a vehicle, and here the most costly expenses can occur.*
  • Base -  This plan delivers baseline protection including all the benefits of the Powertrain program, plus the additional benefit coverage on key components of the engine, drive axle, electrical AC, and much more. A great upgrade plan for your vehicle.*
  • Plus - Layer on even more protection. This plan includes all the coverage from the Powertrain and Base plans, plus it extended to additional items like ABS, fuel delivery system,turbo elements, and high tech electrical components (important coverage on these advanced systems).*
  • Extra Mile - For Vehicle with factory warranties remaining, this plan goes "the extra mile", which included the coverage terms of out Powertrain, Base and Plus plans as well as paying any deductible for repairs covered by the factory warranty.*
  • Budget - Our Budget plans provide basic coverage to cover that initial "just got the vehicle" time period when every buyer is watching and listening to any unknown problems. Chose the mileage and deductible combo that works for you.*
  • Premier - Our premier plan is an exclusionary plan, which means it's so comprehensive that it only lists those few items that are NOT covered. With more and more computer driven electronics moving out vehicle today, a tiny little component can create a verify pricey repair bill.*

*Listed items are general guidelines only. Please see contract for complete details.

For more information and comparisons, click the following links for PDF info.



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